TRIDEX’s Objectives

  • Provide a forum for the exchange of information related to Db2 and its associated products.
  • Provide education to the membership by inviting top Db2 professionals to share their knowledge and experience with the user community.
  • Provide the opportunity for members to address technical issues regarding the ongoing support, management and administration of the Db2 family of products.

Benefits of TRIDEX

  • Quarterly meetings with technical presentations focusing on all aspects of the Db2 product family, including current features and functionality, along with product futures.
  • Two meetings each quarter, with one meeting focusing on Db2 for z/OS and a separate meeting focusing on Db2 for LUW, giving members the opportunity to choose their preferred platform.
  • Membership to TRIDEX is free. However, advance registration is required for all meetings.
  • Members have the opportunity to interact with other users of the Db2 product family, develop contacts with other Db2 professionals and share their experiences with Db2.

Board of Directors

Current President

Celia Gahagan – Strategic Mainframe Solutions

Past President

Nate Murphy – Tcorem

Board Members

Joe Geller – JP Morgan Chase
Ulf Heinrich – SEGUS, Inc.

IBM Advisory Board 

Umesh Mehta
Christopher Tsounis
Steve Tsounis