Robert’s Db2 for z/OS Blog

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Session title: Robert’s Db2 for z/OS Blog: Best of the Blog, Volume 1

Session abstract: I started blogging about Db2 for z/OS back in 2007, while working as an independent consultant, and launched my current blog, “Robert’s Db2 blog,” when I rejoined IBM in 2010. That blog gets a lot of page views, and has been enthusiastically received by people in the Db2 for z/OS user community. Continue reading “Robert’s Db2 for z/OS Blog”

Db2 12 – 12 months agile production experience

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Session title: Db2 12 – 12 months agile production experience with more focus on the Data and less on the base.

Session abstract: Migrating to Db2 12 is pretty much the same procedure every 3 years. Then we get introduced to a variety of levels that control new features and functions beig delivered and realize that the every-3-years-same-procedure is history. Continue reading “Db2 12 – 12 months agile production experience”