Adaptive Workload Management in Db2 Warehouse

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Session title: Adaptive Workload Management in Db2 Warehouse

Session abstract: IBM’s Db2 Warehouse (and Db2 Warehouse on Cloud) has recently rolled out a new Adaptive Workload Management technology that allows you to easily manage your database resources across workloads and ensure they meet their desired performance objectives.This exciting new technology automatically manages the scheduling and execution of work in your system based on resource targets you assign, ensuring stable and reliable performance even in the face of the most highly concurrent workloads. This session will introduce you to these new capabilities and show you how you can leverage them in your own environment.

Speaker biography: David Kalmuk is a Senior Technical Staff Member & Master Inventor currently responsible for the MPP scale-out, Workload Management, and Monitoring areas of the Db2 family products. David has contributed to the development of numerous technologies in Db2 over the years including BLU Acceleration, Workload Management, Monitoring, as well as much of Db2’s Processing and Communications architecture. He is currently leading development efforts focused on Db2’s Hybrid Warehousing Architecture. David has been a member of the Database team at IBM since 2000.