Db2 13 for z/OS Scalability enhancements

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Session title: Db2 13 for z/OS Scalability enhancements

Session abstract: Db2 for z/OS customers need to scale vertically as well as horizontally.  Db2 13 provides a number of scalability enhancements to improve virtual and real storage use and to extend other potential bottlenecks.

This session includes knobs you can adjust and changes that Db2 makes on your behalf.

Speaker bio: Mark Rader is a Db2 for z/OS specialist in the IBM Advanced Technology Group (formerly Washington Systems Center). He has over 37 years of technical experience with IBM, and over 30 years with Db2 for z/OS. He has led many Db2 data sharing implementations and has presented a variety of topics at conferences, including IDUG, SHARE, IBM Technical University and at regional Db2 user group meetings. He has worked closely with Db2 development in delivering the Early Support Programs for Db2 10, Db2 11, and Db2 12. He is an author of redbooks on Parallel Sysplex application considerations, Db2 data sharing, and Db2 for z/OS distributed function.