Db2 for all data: Open formats and Multi-engine Integration with IBM watsonx.data

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Session title: Db2 for all data: Open formats and Multi-engine Integration with IBM watsonx.data

Session abstract: The data analytics market has seen truly tectonic shifts over the last decade. Warehousing technologies from the 90s today struggle to address the critical demands of ever-growing data scale, data complexity and performance-sensitive workloads.

IBM has re-entered this market by tackling head on the multiple challenges businesses face today to get value out of their data, at scale and with full data governance. In this session we will present and explore IBM’s upcoming watsonx.data solution. We will explore  how IBM has modernized the Db2 LUW stack to be able to extend the value of this technology to open data ecosystems and integrate optimally into novel Lakehouse environments. You will learn about data sharing and how that is made possible by shared metadata. We will also cover open table formats and how that enables multiple engines to concurrently consume the same data set. We will conclude with a peek into what is coming later this year across these -now fully integrated-analytics solutions.

Speaker biography: Hebert Pereyra is a Distinguished Engineer (DE) working in the Data & AI Division of IBM Software. He has over 25 years of experience in the research and development of Data Management and Data Processing systems. He is the Chief Architect for Hybrid Data Management responsible for a comprehensive portfolio of IBM solutions ranging from high performance Warehousing, to OLTP to Big Data Analytics. He works out of the IBM Canada Software Laboratory.