Db2 for z/OS – Know Your Limits

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Session title: Db2 for z/OS – Know Your Limits

Session abstract: IBM has removed more limits on Db2 in V12, the biggest being PBG RPN. Other important limits are discussed.In this presentation I will show and explain the current number of limits within Db2 on z/OS starting with relatively basic simple things like DSSIZE or PIECESIZE. Moving on to Linear Dataset limits (32 for Segmented spaces, 254 for LOB ) we then will have a quick look at how the COPYPOOL is looking before diving off to the world of PBGs where you must be aware of MAXPARTIONS among other things. Then we will review SEQUENCES and Numeric Primary Key usage before finally delving into the abstract limit of Db2 within the Db2 engine including DBATs etc.

Speaker biography: Roy Boxwell has more than 32 years of experience in MVS, OS/390, and z/OS environments – 30 of those in Db2. He specializes in installation, migration, and performance monitoring and tuning. Roy leads the SEG development team of SEGUS responsible for the real-time database maintenance solutions. He is also an active participant, speaker and contributor on the IDUG Db2 Listserv and sends out a monthly Db2 z/OS Newsletter.