DB2 HADR Multiple Standby Deep Dive

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Session title: DB2 HADR Multiple Standby Deep Dive

Session abstract: In this presentation we will examine the HA and DR options available for DB2.  This will be followed by a deep drive in the workings of DB2’s HADR technology with a specific focus on how running HADR with Multiple Standbys changes operations.  We will walk to several failure scenarios describing how the HADR technology will react.Speaker biography: Dale McInnis is a Senior Technical Staff Member (STSM) at the IBM Toronto Canada lab. He has a B.Sc.(CS) from the University of New Brunswick and a Masters of Engineering(M.Eng) from the University of Toronto. Dale joined IBM in 1988, and worked in the DB2 development team from 1992 – 2014. Dale’s area of expertise includes DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows Kernel development, where he led teams that designed the current backup and recovery architecture and other key high availability and disaster recovery technologies. He has obtained eleven (11) patents in the area of database resiliency. Dale is a popular speaker at the International DB2 Users Groups (IDUG) conferences worldwide, as well as DB2 Regional users groups and IBM’s Information On Demand (IOD) / IBM World of Watson / IBM Think conferences. His expertise in the area DB2 availability area is well known in the information technology industry. Dale spent 10 months as the IBM Cloud Data Services Chief Availability Architect, and now Dale is now on the North American Hybrid Data Management Technical Sales team.