Db2 Historical Monitoring

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Session title: Db2 Historical Monitoring

Session abstract: Introducing db2histmon, the newest addition to the family of problem determination tools. This lightweight technology allows you to collect historical data on your database, helping especially with performance or workload problem root cause analysis even for past occurrences, greatly reducing the need to recreate the problem with additional trace techniques enabled. 

This presentation contains all the information to get you started. Starting with a brief description of what the technology is or is not, setup, monitoring, data retention strategies, and finally data analysis. Best of all, this tool is open source, your contributions are very welcome!

Speaker biography: Always thrilled to work on hard-to-crack puzzles. Expertise in Db2 LUW kernel architecture, configuration and administration, advanced problem determination, memory architecture, memory leak troubleshooting, and assembly language. Hands-on development experience with buffer pool management, storage, prefetching, page cleaning, transaction logging, recovery, monitoring, and problem determination. As a member of the Db2 team, Pavel spent years in Db2 L2/L3 advanced support (over 1,500 resolved cases), then transitioned to Db2 LUW kernel development. In his past life Pavel was an application developer mostly using C++, SQL, .NET, Oracle, MS-SQL, and Informix on Windows, Linux, Solaris, and HP-UX