Amazon RDS for Db2 – Technical Overview

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Session title: Amazon RDS for Db2 – Technical Overview

Session abstract: Amazon RDS for Db2 brings together one of the largest services on the planet with a database that can run the most complex workloads there are. Db2 is now available on RDS and integrated directly into the AWS RDS ecosystem.

This session will give a technical overview of RDS for Db2 as well as some approaches you can use to migrate to the platform along with some demos of the functionality along the way.

Speaker bio: Andrew Hilden is the Chief Architect of Db2 on Cloud. He is involved extensively in the development and architecture of several data-oriented cloud services at IBM and Amazon including Db2 on IBM Cloud, AWS RDS for Db2 and IBM In the past 25 years he has also worked in development, architectural and leadership roles in Db2 in areas like appliances, Db2 pureScale and install and up and running and he has loved every minute of it. Outside of the office he enjoys spending time with his wife and kids and enjoys trying to fix and build things.