Db2 – The AI Ready Database – Hybrid Data Management Strategy

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Session title: Db2 – The AI Ready Database – Hybrid Data Management Strategy

Session abstract: Companies are trying to leverage data to transition into data driven businesses. In this session we will go through IBM’s Hybrid Data Management strategy and, in particular, how IBM’s data platform can ensure you are ready for AI. We will cover topics including how Db2 is leveraging machine learning, native JSON support, our multi-cloud strategy, data virtualization and much more. We will also introduce -and give you a sneak peak at the next significant release of our Common SQL Engine with Db2 Vnext. 2019 is going to be an exciting year for IBM’s HDM space and this session will give you an idea of where we are heading.

Speaker biography: Les King has impacted the vision for IBM’s Hybrid Data Management strategies, which includes Big Data, Analytics, Database and Cloud Data Services by acting as a trusted advisor both to clients and within IBM.  He has held this post for four years however; Les has 25 years of experience in IBM Analytics.  Les is a globally recognized name across industries in this key space as a direct result of his balanced experience in both technical and business arms of the field.  Les is passionate about helping clients understand how IBM can help satisfy their business needs and how the Information Management and Analytics technology will strategically work to accomplish this.  In this position, Les is a respected advocate for clients as he works side by side with development, sales, technical sales and offering management organizations ensuring that IBM’s Analytics portfolio is on a trajectory to meet the most compelling market demands, directly addressing the most pressing needs of IBM’s clients, both globally and locally.

Les King is a part-time professor at Seneca College in Toronto, offering courses in the Big Data, Data Warehousing and Db2 areas, drawing on his current experience with IBM and his previous experience teaching mathematics at the University of Toronto.  Les effectively draws a connection between what the marketplace demands and what the next wave of talented students need to know to be market ready, and internationally competitive in an increasingly high demand field. This is a perfect intersection of his international, technological, and market awareness to perpetuate the success of the next generation.

Les King joined the IBM at the Toronto Software Lab in 1992, on the first database technical support team for DB2 Version 1.  This sparked his creativity and offered a platform for him to execute a natural leadership ability from building the IBM Support Organization, serving as a key member in IBM Software Development Organization impacting a better series of advanced client technical support functions, making a unique contribution as a programmer before leading various teams within Information Management.

In 2001 Les became a senior manager, responsible for the planning, information development, and partner integration teams within DB2.  In this capacity, he led the work to enhance the database engine, build a roadmap of future product releases and work to ensure the “.next” releases of these products met customer expectations.

In 2004, Les took on the leadership of the Segment Product Management Team, at IBM Software Group Headquarters in New York.  There, he was responsible for the DB2 distributed and Informix product portfolios, as well as Data Warehousing, z/0S and the Data Management Tools technology.

In 2007, Les took on the role of Director, Data Management Global Technical Support in Information Management, SWG.  In this capacity, he led the client support function for important parts of IBM’s database portfolio which includes: DB2 z/OS, IMS, Tools, DB2 LUW, Informix Dynamic Server, SolidDBand Princeton Softech, among others.

In 2008, Les took on the role of Director, Information Management Solutions and DB2 Warehouse Development.  This included responsibility for DB2 LUW Engine Warehouse Development, IM based appliance solutions, including the Infosphere Balanced Warehouse and the new IBM Smart Analytic System, Traceability Server and the Industry Models.

In 2010, Les took the position of Director for Data Management Product Management, within the IBM Information Management Software division.  In this capacity, Les is responsible for product management of the data server portfolio within Information Management, including DB2, IDS and SolidDB.

In 2013, Les moved into his current position where his primary role is to work with clients and potential clients to help them understand the IBM Analytics strategy and how to architect solutions, leveraging IBM analytics offerings to meet their business needs.  Les also spends significant time with the IBM Analytics world wide sales team to help enable them on our portfolio, offerings and solutions.

Les lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  He is the father of two boys, Richard and Philip.  Les enjoys squash and is an advanced open water diver.

Les King’s professional profile is on linkedinat ca.linkedin.com/pub/lesking/10/a68/426