DB2 V11.5.4 Product Overview

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Session title: DB2 V11.5.4 Product Overview

Session abstract: This is an overview of the Enhancements provided in the next fixpak for Db2 V11.5. Also, the DB2 Graph Announcement:

An enterprise grade in-database Graph solution

  • Store and query data and relationships
  • Traverse data across depths and find hidden relationships between data points
  • Perform Graph analytics and traditional SQL on the same storage engine
  • Use in conjunction with transactional data and other applications, in real-time.

Speaker biography: Les King has impacted the vision for IBM’s key Big Data, Analytics and Database strategies by acting as a trusted advisor both to clients and within IBM.  He has held this post for nearly two years however; Les has 23 years of experience in IBM Analytics.  Les is a globally recognized name across industries in this key space as a direct result of his balanced experience in both technical and business arms of the field.  Les is passionate about helping clients understand how IBM can help satisfy their business needs and how the Information Management and Analytics technology will strategically work to accomplish this.  In this role Les is a respected advocate for clients as he works side by side development, sales and product management organizations ensuring that IBM’s IM portfolio is on a trajectory to meet the most compelling market demands, directly addressing the most pressing needs of IBM’s clients, both globally and locally.