Db2 V11.5 SQL Enhancements Technical Overview

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Session title: Db2 V11.5  SQL Enhancements Technical Overview

Session abstract: You might have heard rumors of a new version (or perhaps a fix pack?) of Db2 being released shortly. Hopefully we can shed some light on exactly what is new in Db2, how you might use some of these new capabilities, and a look into what additional features the future may bring.

Speaker biography:George Baklarz, B. Math, M. Sc, Ph.D. Eng., has spent many years in IBM working on various aspects of database technology. In 1991, George was part of the team that introduced the Db2 distributed product to the market. Since this time he has worked on vendor enablement, competitive analysis, product marketing, product planning, and technical sales support for the Db2 product.
George currently works in the Worldwide Digital Technical Engagement Team and helps to evangelize the benefits of the Db2 Family technology and builds Powerpoint slides for a living.