Help! I’m overwhelmed with all these metrics in my Db2 monitor

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Session title: Help! I’m overwhelmed with all these metrics in my Db2 monitor

Session abstract: You want to improve Db2 performance, but what do I look for? There are many different monitors and tools hundreds of screens and over 1500 of metrics. It can be overwhelming, especially if you are not familiar with the application or new to Db2 or the mainframe.

This presentation will cover:

  1. What are the causes of performance problems
  2. How do you detect they are happening
  3. What can you do to prevent them
  4. Use what-if predictive analysis to see what effects a change might have before actually making the change

Speaker biography: Robert Andresen is a Principal Consultant with Broadcom. He has been working in performance management and monitoring for several software companies since 1997 and has been supporting mainframe systems since 1976 in various capacities including being a zOS/CICS/DB2 Systems Programmer. He is a co-author of the IBM Redbook: Linux on IBM @server zSeries and S/390: System Management. He has presented at IDUG, CMG, SHARE, the IBM zOS Conference and LinuxWorld as well as many local and regional user groups. He holds a degree in Mathematics from the Illinois Institute of Technology. He is certified as an IBM Certified Database Administrator, DB2 10 and 11 for z/OS, an IBM Certified SOA Associate and also is ITIL Foundation Certified. At CA he has been supporting their suite of Db2 for z/OS. His areas of expertise include z/OS, DB2, CICS, UNIX/Linux, Windows, and R.