Huffman Compression Usability

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Session title: Huffman Compression Usability

Session abstract: Db2 12 for z/OS delivered the Huffman compression feature as an additional compression option. The Huffman compression feature exploits the Z hardware-based Huffman entropy encoding compression within the IBM z14 Compression Coprocessor (CMPSC).

Initial support for Huffman compression in Db2 was provided by a subsystem parameter, which affects the entire Db2 subsystem. Since then, the Db2 for z/OS team has been working on improving usability with more granular controls to encourage users to adopt Huffman compression. Data compression is an essential feature in database management. Highly effective management of data compression can dramatically decrease the amount of used storage and improve performance. Join David and Frances in this session for a discussion on Db2 for z/OS’s Huffman compression feature and its best practices.

Speaker biographies:
David Nguyen has 8 years of experience with Db2 for z/OS and currently contributes to Db2’s data definition language (DDL) processor. He graduated from San Jose State University in California with a Master’s of Computer Science with focus on database systems and blockchain technology.

Frances is a key senior engineer and technical leader in Db2 for z/OS Development team. She joined Db2 for z/OS development in year 2000 and has been responsible for several critical core functional areas within the product such as Online Schema, Space data Management, Insert Performance improvement, LOBs, and Real Time Statistics. She has wide technical knowledge and experiences working with customers and is also a speaker at various technical conferences.