Is your test data as agile as your development?

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Session title: Is your test data as agile as your development?

Session abstract: We will discuss the issues that must be dealt with to supply test beds of vastly different sizes with fresh data quickly, efficiently and automatically. As developers switch to agile processes, their test data requirements change and fresh data is needed multiple times per day. Your test data provisioning strategy needs to keep pace with these demands.

Speaker biography: Kai Stroh earned a Computer Science degree from the University of Darmstadt and is a mainframe software developer specializing in DB2 utilities for z/OS. He designs and builds innovative DB2 applications and utilities often working onsite or remotely with UBS’ international clients. He easily navigates his way around DB2 internals and knows how to move data and definitions across DB2 versions, and this includes the unique in-house DB2 subsystems which each have their own little technical adaptations.