Log Enhanced Copies for 24×7 DB2 Refresh/Migration

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Session title: Log Enhanced Copies for 24×7 DB2 Refresh/Migration

Session abstract: File system level copies of DB2 tablespaces and indexes are a fast alternative to traditional methods of data movement, such as Unload/Load. One common requirement is to copy production data in a consistent manner without jeopardizing the performance or availability of the production tables. In this presentation, we will explain how DB2 uses its log to ensure the consistency of its tables, atomicity of transactions and durability of data. In a live demonstration, we will see how advanced copy programs can exploit the information on the DB2 log in order to make consistent copies of tablespaces, indexes, LOB and XML objects without stopping the source tables.

Speaker biography: Kai Stroh earned a Computer Science degree from the University of Darmstadt and is a mainframe software developer specializing in DB2 utilities for z/OS. He designs and builds innovative DB2 applications and utilities often working onsite or remotely with UBS’ international clients. He easily navigates his way around DB2 dumps and knows how to move data and definitions across DB2 versions, and this includes the unique in-house DB2 subsystems which each have their own little technical adaptations.