Machine Learning for z/OS

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Session title: Machine Learning for z/OS

Session abstract: Gain an overall understanding of Machine Learning for z/OS and its role in enabling advanced analytics on IBM Z. You will learn how this machine learning technology integrates with Db2 Analytics Accelerator and Db2 for z/OS to drive real-time insight on an enterprise scale.Maximize the ROI of your Enterprise Data and Machine Learning Investment
Get the most out of your investment in data science skills by integrating machine learning models with transactional applications to optimize every interaction and decision with the freshest enterprise data.

Data scientists’ skills are valuable and the models they develop are vital to the business. Maximizing the impact of your data scientist skills is dependent upon the currency of their data source, latency of execution and the way models are deployed and monitored over time. The lowest latency and freshest data exists within engagement applications on transactional systems. Integrating machine learning models with transactional applications gives you the ability to optimize every interaction and decision.

Often, more sensitive, personal data represents a unique combination of information about your clients and business that only your organization possesses. Leveraging this data for machine learning gives you the insight you need to outperform competitors.

Speaker biography: Jonathan Sloan is an IBM Senior Analytics Architect. He excels in helping others apply advanced analytic and machine learning technology to business problems. Jonathan has experience in a number of industries with a focus on health care, insurance, financial services and consumer packaged goods. He is passionate about helping organizations drive greater insight and value from enterprise data. He excels working directly with customers and providing leadership within team environments.