Modernizing Db2 Containerization Footprint with Db2U

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Session title: Modernizing Db2 Containerization Footprint with Db2U

Session abstract: Containerization takes Db2 to the world of Cloud Paks, Red Hat OpenShift, Public Cloud Kubernetes platforms (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and IBM Cloud), and other Kubernetes flavours (Rancher).

We are moving at a fast pace; we will bring you up to speed and share the next steps of our journey forward in this article.

There are numerous references to future product plans, deliverables and support statements throughout this article which are subject to notesnotices and disclaimers.

Speaker biography: Aruna De Silva is the architect for Db2 on IBM Cloud Pack for Data, OpenShift and Kubernetes (a.k.a. Db2U Universal Container) offering with over 16 years of database technology experience. He is based off IBM Toronto software laboratory. Since 2015, he has been actively involved with modernizing Db2 — bringing Db2 Warehouse (a.k.a dashDB local), the first containerized Db2 solution out into production in 2016. Starting from early 2019, he has been primarily focused on bringing the success of Db2 Warehouse into cloud native platforms such as OpenShift and Kubernetes while embracing micro service architecture and deployment patterns. With that, he played a key role in the Db2 modernization journey on IBM Cloud Pack for Data, OpenShift and Kubernetes via Db2 Universal Container (Db2U).