Optimizing Compression for Db2 Column-Organized Tables

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Session title: Optimizing Compression for Db2 Column-Organized Tables

Session abstract: Do you want to get better compression for your column-organized tables? This presentation will give you step-by-step instructions on how to correctly measure the current compression ratio and determine the effectiveness of the column dictionaries.

 It will cover performance best practices on how to build better dictionaries to achieve better compression and discuss the new features using different compression techniques that Db2 uses. At the end, guidance is provided on how to best maintain the BLU tables to keep a good compression ratio.

Speaker biography: Ron Liu is a long time IBMer and a developer in the IBM Db2 Columnar Data Engine (CDE) Data Service team. Prior to his current role, Ron was a C/C++ developer for IBM Federation Server, performance engineer for IBM Information Server, performance engineer and Java developer for the IBM data integration products in cloud. In his free time, Ron loves to go hiking in the nature and do wildlife photography.