Rebind Phase-In

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Session title: Rebind Phase-In

Session abstract: In a busy Db2 system, applications are continuously executed by several threads. In order for a DBA to rebind application packages to enable new features by changing bind options or make changes to access paths for the static SQL statements, the DBA must wait for a window in which the applications aren’t running, must take an application outage, or must use a cumbersome workaround.

This session presents an enhancement which enables successful Rebind while application is concurrently executing.

Speaker biography: Tammie Dang is a Senior Software Engineer at IBM Corp, working in Db2 for z/OS development for 25 years. She currently leads the architect, development and service in the Relational Data Services area, covering application enablement to performance tuning to database administration. Tammie’s latest exposure was to lead development effort on the Continuous Delivery topic for Db2 12 for z/OS and new feature enhancements in the strategic function levels.