Self-managed Db2 pureScale on AWS – The New Experience

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Session title: Self-managed Db2 pureScale on AWS – The New Experience

Session abstract: With the availability of Db2 pureScale on AWS as a self-managed service, not only does it continue to provide the same value propositions as in on-premises deployments, it opens up many other opportunities.

This session introduces the new revolutionary journey, unveils the added benefits, covers the new use cases that break the traditional “time-barrier” in on-premises deployments and drastically reduces the total cost of ownership. This session will cover the deployment of Db2 pureScale from AWS Marketplace, look at the up and running system, and then moves on to longer term requirements, such as adding storage and scaling up and out.

Speaker bio: With a background in Observational Astronomy at the University of Cambridge, England, Toby joined IBM Canada in 1999 as a software developer in the Db2 Runtime engine. After eight years of development experience, he moved over to the Db2 Performance team to start work on what would become Db2 pureScale v9.8, working under Steve Rees. In the late summer of 2018, he stepped up to the role of Technical Manager for Db2 pureScale, looking after an active team of developers and support analysts. Now a Senior Software Developer at IBM, Toby is examining many areas of Db2 for robustness, usability and performance excellence.