Some of My Favorite Tuning Tips and Tricks for Db2

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Session title: Some of My Favorite Tuning Tips and Tricks for Db2

Session abstract: Performance problems come in many flavors, with many different causes and many different solutions. I’ve run into a number of these that I have not seen written about or presented elsewhere and I want to share these with you – not just the specific problem/solution, but also the process of identifying and solving the problem.

Speaker biography: Joe Geller has been a Db2 consultant since Version 1.2. He’s been a Data Architect, DBA, Data Modeler and Software Engineer, often simultaneously. He feels that the best way to learning one aspect of a system is to work on all aspects. Joe specializes in performance tuning. He once rewrote a Peoplesoft view and improved the query by a factor of 70,000. Joe is the author of two books on database systems – DB2 Performance and Development Guide and IMS Administration, Programming and Data Base Design. Currently Joe is working as a database performance specialist for JPMorgan Chase. Joe is an IBM Information Champion and a leader on the IDUG Content Committee.