The Latest in Advanced Performance Diagnostics for SQL

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Session title: The Latest in Advanced Performance Diagnostics for SQL

Session abstract: The Db2 family of products including Db2, Db2 Warehouse, and BigSQL provide a number of important features for diagnosing and solving your SQL problems. Through a series of practical examples, we will bring you up speed on the latest capabilities available for SQL diagnostics and show you how you can leverage them to solve query problems in your own environment.

You will learn how to identify your most expensive SQL statements using the package cache table functions and how to use Db2’s “time spent” metrics to analyze where your problem queries are spending their time. You will also learn some new tips for monitoring sort memory metrics and query memory consumption in order to tune your analytic workloads. Finally, you will learn how to use the runtime explain capabilities in conjunction with the activity event monitor to capture actual query plan cardinalities as well the per object metrics.

Speaker biography: David Kalmuk is a Senior Technical Staff Member & Master Inventor and Data Warehousing Architect for the Db2 family products. David has contributed to the development of numerous technologies in Db2 over the years including BLU Acceleration, Workload Management, Monitoring, as well as much of Db2’s Processing and Communications architecture. He is currently leading efforts focused on evolving Db2’s Hybrid Cloud Warehousing Architecture.