The Next Stop(s) in Db2 Pacemaker HA Solution Journey

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Session title: The Next Stop(s) in Db2 Pacemaker HA Solution Journey

Session abstract: This presentation focuses on the latest advancements in automated HA with Pacemaker as newly-crowned integrated cluster manager for Db2. A recap of features in V11.5.5.0, V11.5.6.0, and a glimpse into V11.5.7.0 and beyond will be provided. 

Speaker biography: From a background in Observational Astronomy at the University of Cambridge, England, Toby joined IBM Canada in 1999 as a software developer in the Db2 Runtime engine. After eight years of development experience, he moved over to the Db2 Performance team to start work on what would become Db2 pureScale v9.8, working under Steve Rees. In the late summer of 2018, he stepped up to the role of Technical Manager for Db2 pureScale, looking after an active team of developers and support analysts and looks forward to taking Db2 pureScale forward to new opportunities.