Using AI/ML To Enhance DB2 Subsystem and Application Performance

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Session title: Using AI/ML To Enhance DB2 Subsystem and Application Performance

Session abstract: The App Economy demands near instant response time to the market dynamics. This is particularly important for the mainframe and Db2 for z/OS where usage has significantly increased to support the critical business requirements of existing and new applications.

To ensure mission critical workloads continue to run smoothly, businesses are increasingly looking to leverage AI/ML to address performance challenges. Specifically, they are looking at applying AI technology to address Db2 subsystem and SQL performance challenges, giving DBAs the ability to predict performance bottlenecks and minimize business impact. Join this session to learn about these applications and the underlying open source technology you can tap into today.

Speaker bio: Throughout +25 years as an IBM Mainframe Solutions Expert, Antonio was responsible for assessing, presenting, designing, developing technical proposals, and installing solutions on Db2, IMS DB/DC, CICS, VTAM running on z/OS, z/VM and VSE environments. Besides system programmer experience, Antonio was also an application developer. Combining the mainframe, and +12 years of distributed/cloud environments expertise, with a well-developed communication and leadership skills, Antonio properly articulated value propositions that enabled customer’s mainframe modernization initiatives, business readiness and IT transformation for the Digital Economy. As an IT Consultant, acting as trusted advisor, Antonio has spoken at many recognized IT conferences and channel partner events, written IT related articles and been interviewed by renowned magazines and newspapers.