Why is Db2 Warehouse faster with Native Cloud Object Storage?

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Session title: Why is Db2 Warehouse faster with Native Cloud Object Storage?

Session abstract: Cloud Object Storage (COS) was introduced as a new persistent storage medium for Db2 Warehouse in 11.5.9, and it brought new challenges due to significant I/O performance differences between traditional block storage and COS.

In this presentation we will discuss the new multi-tier architecture that was introduced for Native COS support, and the performance optimizations that were implemented in order to make it faster than block storage. We will also show various internal performance results that we used to optimize Native COS tables out of the box, and best practices to get the best insert and query performance.

Speaker biography: Christian Garcia-Arellano is STSM and Db2 OLTP Architect at the IBM Toronto Lab, and has a MSc in Computer Science from the University of Toronto. Christian has been working in various DB2 Kernel development areas since 2001. Initially Christian worked on the development of the self tuning memory manager (STMM) and led various of the high availability features for DB2 pureScale that make it the industry leading database in availability. More recently, Christian was one of the architects for Db2 Event Store, and the leading architect of the Native Cloud Object Storage feature in Db2 Warehouse. Christian can be reached at cmgarcia@ca.ibm.com.