Data Server Manager Update and Directions

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Session title: IBM’s Hybrid Data Management Strategy

Session abstract: Peter will provide an overview of the latest enhancements and the trends and directions for the Db2 Family consoles including Data Server Manager. He will also deliver a deep dive on Monitoring best practices, tips and tricks using Data Server Manager that will include configuration, statement history and under the covers insights.

Speaker biography: Peter Kohlmann has been a member of the IBM database and Analytics development and product management teams since Version 2 of Db2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows. He is currently an IBM Offering manager with a focus on tools for database and data services and IBM Data Server Manager used for the Db2 family. He was one of the original developers and designers of the DB2 Control Center and also created the Technology Explorer for IBM DB2 open source project. As the DB2 Release Manager he oversaw the delivery of DB2 for LUW 10.1 and 10.5 and he also directed the new technology adoption program for DB2 pureScale Version 9.8.

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