Data Virtualization and Visualization

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Session title: Data Virtualization and Visualization

Session abstract: Virtualizing mainframe data sources and taking advantage of zIIP engines can ease the process of data access and assembly. Using extracted SMF Log data, we can explore how QMF can be used to easily visualize data that would otherwise be hard to consume. This presentation will incorporate virtualization capabilities and dashboard functions available in the latest version of QMF.

Speaker biography: Robert Parker is member of QMF Solutions team. During college, I worked at a regional photo finisher which exposed me to the processes of sales reporting and data analysis. After graduation, while working at a medical device manufacturer, I was introduced to data analytics. I used their ERP system and the CorBusiness application to create reports allowing me to analyze and resolve data issues. My job experience led to CorVu Corporation in September of 1998, where I provided training and consultancy services to clients and partners within US, Canada and Mexico.  Consulting meant, managing client projects, creating analytics, building dashboards and completing installations. Working with clients to help them succeed and to achieve their organizational goals.