Db2 Columnar Architecture (including 11.5 enhancements)

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Session title: Db2 Columnar Architecture  (including 11.5 enhancements)

Session abstract: We will start with a high-level introduction into the columnar format:  from how are columns split up to pages and extents  to answering basic questions like what is a synopsis table. Next up is compression  –topics include encoding, dictionaries, and grooming — and how v11.1  and 11.5 compare and contrast. Finally we’ve move to MPP and WLM  both topics that can be key in analytic workloads. Throughout this presentation, new functionality in 11.5  will be highlighted. As we close, we will  include some details on potential items in the V11.5 continuous delivery roadmap.

Speaker biography:Keri Romanufa is a STSM and the Chief Architect for the Db2.  She has been a member of the Db2 team for 25+ years.   She has had a variety of roles in System Test and Performance Teams, but has spent the majority of her career in Development.    She has contributed to many of Db2’s advances including being the Chief Engineer for the initial release of DB2 pureScale,  driving technologies such as  space reclaim and  storage (DMS and later automatic) and focusing on performance, especially in the buffer pool area,  In doing so, Keri has achieved 23 patents.