Db2 for z/OS Provisioning – Heavy Lifting Ahead

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Session title: Db2 for z/OS Provisioning – Heavy Lifting Ahead

Session abstract: System provisioning, DevOps, Continuous Delivery / Integration are all modern-day initiatives that accelerate the delivery of business applications. Each may have requirement for a copy of an entire DB2 subsystem or portions thereof to obtain full value.How do you scale your database administration staff to meet the increasing demands of application & BizOps teams, who are, in turn, pressured to meet agile delivery targets?

Today’s tools have the capabilities to clone objects and data to efficiently scale your administration teams. In some cases, these tools can use today’s fast copy technology in conjunction with DB2 page set preparation techniques to provide consistent & coherent test or production subsets. The key to fitting in to modern processing is support for REST. The next time you are asked if you can fulfill the data requirements for one of today’s delivery methods, be armed with ideas to get it done

Speaker biography: Paul Bartak has been working with IBM Information Management solutions since 1985, including the first version of DB2 on MVS. As an IBM customer for 14 years, Paul worked in Application Development, Database Administration, and DBA Management – working with IBM & ISV Labs on various projects. With IBM for 18 years his roles included that of a DB2 Advisor, developing the V8 – V11 Migration Planning Workshops, pureXML and Temporal Proof of Technologies; and a Client Technical Leader, working across a large payments processing company and the IBM account team. Paul holds multiple certifications across Information Management and Cloud domains and recently joined Rocket Software as a Principle Solutions Advisor.