IBM Data Virtualization

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Session title: IBM Data Virtualization

Session abstract: IBM Data Virtualization Manager (IBM DVM) unlocks the full potential of data on IBM Z to provide universal access to any application regardless of location or format required. In the past, previous data architectures struggle with real-time requirements, which are increasingly driven by today’s 24/7 mobile world.Additional challenges are introduced by the shift away from segment data perspectives to a 360-degree customer point. No matter how fast data is collected and moved, it will never be as fast as real-time, in-place access.

IBM DVM is addressing these challenges by providing fast, real-time, in-place access to your enterprise mainframe data. This session will discuss how data virtualization’s synergy with today’s API economy can evolve the information architecture on IBM Z by modernizing, accelerating and simplifying all enterprise applications that need mainframe data without actually moving the data.

Speaker biography: John Casey is a Senior Solutions Advisor at Rocket Software.  He works closely with IBM sales teams providing support to customers on the IBM data virtualization products.  He joined Rocket in 2017, after twenty years as a technical specialist at IBM, where he worked with customers, supporting the Db2 tools for z/OS.