Db2 – The AI database for Enterprises – A modern outlook

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Session title: Db2 – The AI database for Enterprises – A modern outlook

Session abstract: We live in an age of data. There is a proliferation of devices resulting in multitude types and uses of data. To effectively use the data and to obtain the needed insights organizations are looking for added tools and technologies that come packaged along with the data store. More and more organizations are finding ways to use artificial intelligence to power their digital transformation and/or develop competitive advantages. The transformation to an AI database that can help power today’s cognitive applications is the bold vision for IBM’s Db2 – the leader in the OLTP, OLAP and Big Data segments. Many organizations today rely on IBM’s Db2 for supporting their mission critical applications due to its high reliability, resiliency and security. With this new vision, IBM is transforming Db2 to a preferred database for IT organizations and developers for developing modern applications by adding a slew of innovative capabilities which will hit the market in a staggered fashion.

Join us in this session to know more about how IBM is transforming Db2 to help customers in their AI journey and the Db2 roadmap

Speaker biography: Pandit Prasad is the offering management leader for Db2 and Big Data at IBM‘s Data and AI division. He and his team are on a mission to make Db2 the best data management platform for both modern AI application development as well as for supporting mission critical applications. He brings with him 25 years of Hi-Tech industry experience.
Prior to this role, he led the product strategy and management for IBM’s Cloud portfolio of products (Monitoring, Automation and IT Analytics). Prior to that he led the global product marketing team at IBM. Earlier, as an IT Architect working for PwC and other consulting companies, he implemented ERP, CRM and Data warehouse applications for Large Enterprise including several Fortune100 companies.