What’s New with BLU in Db2 11.5 (and beyond!)

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Session title: What’s New with BLU in Db2 11.5 (and beyond!)

Session abstract: Db2 with BLU Acceleration provides industry leading performance for analytical applications running complex queries through its advanced column-organized table technology. Db2 11.5 continues to extend the reach of BLU capability to more Db2 features so that its superior performance can be applied to a broader range of applications. Additionally, BLU storage and compression technology has been enhanced to make it more effective and even easier to use. Attend this session to learn how these enhancements can allow BLU to be used for even more applications within your business.

Speaker biography:John Hornibrookis a Senior Technical Staff Member responsible for relational database query optimization on IBM’s distributed platforms. This technology is part of Db2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows, Db2 Warehouse, Db2 on Cloud, IBM Integrated Analytics System (IIAS) and Db2 Big SQL. John also works closely with customers to help them maximize their benefits from IBM’s relational DB technology products.