Updates on pureScale and Click to Containerize Version 2

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Session title: Updates on pureScale and Click to Containerize Version 2

Session abstract: This session will cover two topics:
-What’s new with pureScale
-Update to Click to Containerize Version 2

Db2 pureScale is now available on the AWS marketplace! A quick review of how to get access to this great feature on AWS.

Click to Containerize Version 2 is now in technical preview. There have been many updates to the utility from its introduction a year ago! A new UI and improved error handling makes this utility a must-have for customers wanting to move their Db2 Linux workloads to a containerized environment or to another instance – without exporting data! The tool can also migrate your 10.5, 11.1 and 11.5 database directly into a Db2 container on OpenShift, Kubernetes, or Cloud Pak for Data system with no additional effort. This session will take you through the new enhancements to the IBM Db2 C2C program and how it can help modernize your Db2 databases quickly and efficiently!

Speaker biography: George Baklarz, B. Math, M. Sc, Ph.D. Eng., has spent many years in IBM working on various aspects of database technology. In 1991, George was part of the team that introduced the Db2 distributed product to the market. Since this time he has worked on vendor enablement, competitive analysis, product marketing, product planning, and technical sales support for the Db2 product. Currently he works on the North American Technical Sales team.